Building the Room Screening Announced!

The first public screening of Building the Room is taking place on September 28th, 2017 at 7PM at the Roxy Theatre (2657 Quadra St, Victoria, BC).  This is going to be a fantastic event and we are proud to be introducing Justice Pricing to our ticket sales. This means that our general admission price of $10 will be doubled to $20 for all white cisgender males! We hope that our patrons on both sides of the pricing spectrum will understand the value of this model.

Here’s the press release for the event:

When: 7:30PM September 28th, 2017
Where: Roxy Theatre (2657 Quadra St, Victoria, BC)
What: Screening of comedy series Building the Room
Suggested Price: $10 GA/ $20 for Cisgender White Males (Justice Pricing)

Building the Room is a hilarious comedy series that showcases the trials and tribulations of putting on a stand up comedy show. Director Shiraz Higgins initially intended to create a documentary that shed light on both the behind-the-scenes of comedy show production and on the world of guerrilla marketing. What was intended to be a collaborative process between the director and the cast, a group of up-and-coming comedians, became a source of considerable conflict, strife and disillusionment. The director’s refusal to pay the cast after the completion of filming led to a civil lawsuit.

Filmed in the apartment and workshop of virtuoso production and costume designer  Jimbo Insell, Building the Room combines footage of the original production with deposition footage from the civil suit to tell the story of an idea and a cast unraveling.

The series shows comedians struggling through male modeling auditions, professional wrestling events, a bottling incident, and a Santa slave parade, among other things. Cynicism and negativity put the fate of the project in doubt from day one to the final comedy show 10 days later.

This truly unique series combines a variety of styles of comedy both stand up and stunt based. On the whole, it is a glorious portrait of failure, doubt and redemption.

For more information or interview inquiries, contact Sid Mohammed at:

23 Replies to “Building the Room Screening Announced!”

    1. I am glad that Justice Pricing is finally catching up to people. Its honestly the answer to a lot of problems facing today.

      I was saddened though by the use of the raciest term, “guerrilla marketing” .

      You may ask why? Well the pronunciation of the word “guerrilla” is a close homophone to the word “gorilla”. And is then implicit racism in the origin or later usage of the word “guerrilla”, based perhaps on the inferior view of gorillas as black, rude, uncivilized creatures.

      Could it reflect perhaps an ideological construct to de-legitimize the goals and actions of “guerrilla” groups, just like denoting a group as “terrorist” immediately de-legitimizes its actions?

      1. What the fuck are you even talking about. Guerilla is a completely different word than Gorilla. It’s like comparing the words ware, wear and where, just because it sounds the same doesn’t mean it has some kind of deeper connection.

  1. I don’t know about the white men paying double part, but having white men pay more doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. Typically, all other things being equal, they make more money than minority groups and women, they generally have an easier time getting hired, and are on the receiving end of a whole lot of privilege. It doesn’t strike me as that different from senior and student pricing, it’s just a rough way of making pricing match spending power. Not all students and seniors don’t have money, but in general they are less able to spend freely than working adults.

    1. “Typically, all other things being equal, they make more money than minority groups and women, they generally have an easier time getting hired, and are on the receiving end of a whole lot of privilege. ”

      None of what you’ve mentioned is privilege. Literally all of that is things that should be the standard.

      >Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

      Rich people have privilege.

      Not being discriminated against in the hiring process isn’t a special right or advantage, its the standard. What you’re advocating for when you call those things privilege is lowering the standard to those things being normal, and the expectation, to being OK, and saying that white people get something extra by not experiencing them.

      No, white people, as a group, aren’t as disadvantaged, not privileged.

  2. “Justice pricing” is discriminating on people based on the color of peoples skin. That is RACIST! …good luck with your production you Racists!! ?

  3. The joke is that you just have to tell them you identify as a woman to get the cheaper seats. Human rights complaint? How about yoy activate your sense of humour you stuffy douchebags.

  4. I dare you to actually do this. I am sure you’ll learn a lesson for your racism and just plain discrimination.

    People’s sexual orientation is none of your business. You’ll also probably label many indigenous and metis as white. Sometimes black parents can have a white kid and not just adopted. Your discrimination is complete bs and i cant wait to see bankruptcy from human rights complaints in the future of this venue. If its through a corporation dont worry it will be a personal liability as well.

  5. Even as a stunt, this is racist. Brainwash has gone on far too long, and you will soon see the financial repercussions on your wallets and reputations in your personal lives.

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